As our senior servant, Patrick was born and raised in Macon, GA with 8 brothers and sisters. He served honorably in the Army, then graduated from Georgia College with a degree in accounting. Early on, he served as Parish Council President and in many capacities within Church Leadership. After losing all in 1992, he went to the mountain to have it out with God and found out the difference between doing church and doing life with God. From 1992-1997, God started teaching him relationship versus knowledge. Patrick began actively ministering the Full Gospel of Jesus in 1997. 

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Joel was raised as a farmer in South Georgia near Lumber City. As a child he suffered from eye problems which impeded his ability to read. He later became a union ironworker, which allowed him to travel extensively and earn a good living. A severe automobile accident in the 90’s crushed one of his legs and left him disabled. In the early 80’s Joel accepted Jesus as his Lord  and Savior. With a burning desire to read the Bible, but being functionally illiterate, it was next to impossible without extensive education. God saw his heart and after only two tutoring classes of 45 minutes each, Joel learned to read.  Joel has gone on extended mission trips, and participated in street and prison ministries.  He has been active in Frontline Men’s Ministry since 2001. He has been active in Christian Conferences, Racial Reconciliation Groups, Georgia Children’s Home activities, and underprivileged ministry work with Christian movies and food, including two mission trips to Haiti. HIS PRAYERS ARE MANIFESTED IN HIS DAILY WALK.  WITHOUT HESITATION, JOEL DOES WHAT GOD TELLS HIM TO DO. HE IS A SOLID, PEACEFUL CHRISTIAN MAN WITH AN ENORMOUS HEART FOR SERVICE.



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